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When you've experienced the profound effects of something, it's only natural to want to share it with the world.

I learned Vedic Meditation after searching for years for a way to help me abate an anxiety disorder and chronic depression.

It turned out to be a game-changer not only for my mental health, but it also carried me the whole way through my adrenaline-fuelled career as a broadcast journalist.

As the host of a nightly prime time show in the Middle East, Vedic meditation helped me sustain high performance under high pressure.

But… after a decade of covering stories of division, disharmony, war and terror, I began to feel disheartened about the impact that stress is having on all levels of society.

So, trading one dream in for another, I ditched the bright studio lights and embarked on the rigorous journey of becoming a Vedic Meditation teacher.

Helping you find more ease, grace, joy and enthusiasm for life is the song of my heart.

Happy people are effective people.

Happy people are successful people.

Happy people are those who uplift and inspire the rest…

And I am dedicated to helping you become the happiest person you know. That's what makes me happy.

Now, I bring my academic background in cognitive psychology, 13 years of experience and study of Vedic meditation and philosophy and wisdom from my own life experience, to help you find clarity, calm and confidence in your life.