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We meditate so that we can feel good while meditating...

It's so that we can feel good when we're not meditating!


High levels of stress make it hard not only to fall asleep but also to stay asleep.

And fatigue is one of the most common forms of stress.

So, the more stressed we are, the less sleep we get. 

Plus, the less sleep we get, the more stressed we are.

It's a vicious cycle!

Vedic Meditation turns off the stress response and removes cortisol and adrenaline in the body before bedtime, so that we can effortlessly drift off for an unbroken night's sleep.

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Stress suppresses the body's immune response. 
When the "fight of flight" stress response is triggered, it's because the body believes there is an emergency. So, to mobilize energy to attend to the immediate threat, it redirects resources from the body's longer-term projects - like keeping it free from pathogens or cancer, for example.

Meditation removes the stress from the body that's preventing the healthy and natural function of your immune system.


Ageing is accelerated by stress, but research shows that people who practice regular meditation actually reverse the biological ageing process of the body and the brain.

Studies show that in the first 5 years of consistent meditation with this technique, a person can reduce their biological age by up to 8 years.

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During Vedic Meditation the mind gains direct access to the deeper, quieter, more powerful and intuitive levels of thinking.

Brain function becomes coherent and orderly.

This experience systematically expands consciousness and infuses the mind with creativity and intelligence, bringing improvements in all aspects of mental performance and perception.

Vedic Meditators report being able to perform at higher levels while under pressure, after just a few months of consistent practice.


I can speak about this one from experience. The deep rest your body receives through Vedic Meditation alleviates existential exhaustion. It creates space in the mind to access more creative perspectives. It gives the nervous system the opportunity to move in the direction of calm and bliss - breaking its habitual loop into the stress response and re-training the brain. Vedic Meditation is also a complimentary adjunct for clinical treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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How nice are you to be around when you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed? 

Vedic meditation removes stress in the body and restores calm in the mind - reducing reactivity and making you more creative, adaptable, generous, optimistic and cheerful. And those are some attractive qualities, right?!

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