Wouldn't it be glorious to feel free?

JULY 20 - 25, 2021

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If you are highly critical of yourself and are constantly battling that voice telling you you're not good enough, not lovable enough for a meaningful relationship, not skilled or competent enough to do a task, too much of a dreamer...

If you spend longer than you'd like worrying about how something is going to go before taking action...

If you're someone who has a desire to do big things in the world, but don't believe that success is a reality for you...

If you know you want to make a change... but feel too scared to make it...

If you feel anxious when starting new tasks and struggle with self-doubt...

If you're often afraid of what other people will say about you or don't feel you can truly be yourself in social situations...

If you keep starting tasks but never finishing them... or feel that if you can't do something perfectly, you don't want to do it at all...

If you don't trust yourself or your judgement...

If you are constantly seeking that "thing" that will make you happy...

Thank GOODNESS you're here.
The Believe In Yourself Masterclass has been created for you.

If you want to feel confident, aligned and free, you'll need to drop what's causing you chaos.

The problem is, we often don't know what is causing this chaos.
That's why we need to get underneath the surface narrative to access your core beliefs.

This is where we untangle the ideas and stories that are keeping you stuck & feeling small.

Transformation requires us to THINK differently and also to BE differently.

This means we need to work on our minds as well as our bodies.

We need to makes changes in our cellular memory.

We need to re-wire our nervous systems.

We need to update our conditioning from childhood.

We also need to re-write our subconscious and conscious messaging.

This can't be done, though, with one magic pill.

That's what makes this Masterclass so powerful.

It's the combination of MANY different methodologies that creates significant & lasting change.


In SIX powerful sessions led by FIVE dynamic facilitators, you will be led on a transformative journey to bolster your self-belief.  Each session is 2 hours.

Your journey begins here.

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Session One
July 20th

Mind + Body with Tracy

Oftentimes, the reason we can't change (no matter how much we know intellectually), is because our nervous system has become stuck in a pattern of behaving a certain way and it doesn't know how to function any other way.

Luckily, we can uncover and move through mental + emotional blocks using the body's wisdom.

This is because our memories aren't only stored in the mind,

but in our cells. This also means we can change the way we see the world, by updating what our cells remember.

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Session Two
July 21st

The Breath with Michelle

When we don't understand why we feel the way we feel, the answers can often be found in our subconscious minds.

You will be instructed in a style of Breathwork that allows you to identify your subconscious blocks and actively move through them.

Before you embark on the 30-35 minute Breathwork session, you will deepen your connection with your inner world by grounding into yourself and tuning into the body.


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Session Three
July 22nd

Re-Storytelling with Zo

So much about how we live our lives is tied to the story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are here for.


In this session, you will be guided through a series of expressive and embodied exercises to land you inside your center, open your heart, align with your truth, and expand your mindset about what is possible in your life.



Session Four
July 23rd

Inner Child Alchemy with Maya

It's time to shake off any residual self-doubt that could stand in the way of you truly living in alignment with your heart's desires.


Through a guided alchemy healing, you will discover how to dissolve insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

This interactive session will help you identify negative and toxic patterns that create suffering for you, by unlearning the relationship blueprint you adopted from childhood.


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Session Five
July 24th

Wisdom + Clarity with Gurumukh

What does it really mean to  live in alignment?

How can we stay on track when we encounter challenge?

In this session you will have the chance to engage in a thoughtful discussion about confidence and clarity.

Gurumukh will answer your personal questions around obstacles or sticky spaces in your life.



Session Six
July 25th

The Thinking Mind with Tracy

The quality of your mind, determines the quality of your life.

You will learn how to identify where perfectionism and imposter syndrome are preventing you from engaging fully with life.

We will explore how your attachment to unhelpful thoughts are keeping you stuck.



Straight From The Source

Tracy's masterclass changed my reality. I did NOT believe THIS would happen. It was a fast-track alternative to years of therapy (that didn't even get me to THIS epiphany). I feel lighter, I feel awakened and I feel like I broke the chains. I feel unstoppable - when all along, it's was anyway just me standing in my way. Thank you so so much.


This Masterclass felt so well thought through. The order the (AMAZING) facilitators were presented and the content of each session opened up for so much clarity and it was all so beautifully intertwined in the end.
I really can't thank you enough for creating this space, Tracy.
This 6 day long emotional roller coaster has truly helped me regain trust in myself, given me clarity and focus to continue on my journey.
I truly hope you will continue to offer this Masterclass, cause I'm already recommending it to everyone I know!


The Believe in Yourself Masterclass made huge shifts for me in just 6 days.
What a gift this collection of practitioners are and putting them together in one masterclass is a unique experience opportunity.
I now have practical tools to implement in my every day life and I'm already seeing the benefits of these simple yet profound tools in my experience of life.
If you're committed to moving forwards, then this is one not to miss.


Tracy's masterclass is something I highly recommend to anyone. No matter where you are in your personal development/spiritual journey, this masterclass provides a safe and inspiring place to break away and go inward, while being supported by several exceptionally learned practitioners and a supportive community. Tracy cares so much about what she does and that the experience of each participant is truly maximized. Treat yourself!


I signed up to this masterclass as I was facing a major career decision which put my life at a bit of a crossroads. The sessions with Tracy and her very skilled facilitators helped me to work through my stress and anxiety, and identify my limiting beliefs. I came away from the week with new skills, a fresh perspective and the courage to stop fearing the unknown so that I can grow.


This course was so cleverly constructed. It exposed one to a variety of dimensions, some very practical and therefore useful, some experiential, and some tried and trusted wisdom. It was life changing.



July 20th - 25th

One session per day

Each session is 2 hours


Recordings of each session will be available throughout the course

and a month thereafter.

The recordings can be accessed via a private Facebook group

moderated by the facilitators.


ZOOM CLASS TIMES (by location)


Australia - 7PM - 9PM

Israel - 12PM - 2PM

Sweden - 11AM - 1PM

London - 10AM- 12PM

South Africa - 11AM - 1PM


Within each session, facilitators will be giving you

opportunities to share.

You do not have to share and will not be personally called upon to.

If there is something you'd like to discuss with one of the facilitators outside of the group forum, you will be instructed on how to do so once you sign up.

Everything shared in the group will remain inside the group.


Meet Your Guides

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Meditation & Spiritual Guide

Gurumukh (Amrit Pal Singh) is a meditation teacher and spiritual guide from the Sant Mat tradition in northern India, a lineage of mystic saints which dates back to the 13th century.

When he was seven years old, enlightened master Sant Thakar Singh ji asked his followers to donate their children to study with him, and over 1,200 children were given to the monastery by their parents – including Gurumukh.

Gurumukh offers compassionate guidance from the heart. He feels blessed to pass on the wisdom he has learned, sharing tools that support people to navigate life’s inevitable challenges with more ease, grace, joy, and love.

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Michelle Baker

Breathwork & Reiki Teacher

Michelle leads a style of Breathwork that allows you to feel where your blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for an emotional detox and a feeling of being deeply connected to your body.

She helps you develop a relationship with your breath and connect you with your home frequency and your body to clear stagnant energy while helping facilitate a release of strong emotions and liberate mental patterns and limited beliefs.

As a mentor, she holds space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind. She helps you navigate your internal body, your emotions, your purpose, and most importantly your self worth. She intuitively guides you through breaking free from old belief systems and reawaken you to your own authentic truth.


Tracy Alexander

Integrated Alignment Coach

Tracy helps clear the clutter and unhelpful noise in people's minds.
Drawing upon her academic background in cognitive psychology and the tools that transformed her life, her gentle coaching sessions help people feel confident, connected and calm.

Her methodology ensures the integration of information so that people experience the desired transformation. This way life feels and looks different as a result of the mind's rewiring.

Tracy teaches a powerful and effortless meditation technique designed to dissolve stress from the physiology and allows people to see the world from a clear and grounded perspective.
By clearing the nervous system of unhelpful impressions from the past, thoughts and beliefs can be refined and emotions can be gently and safely experienced.

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Maya Kramer

Wellness Expert & Alchemy Healer

Maya Kramer is an alchemist, wellness expert, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, aromatherapist &

women empowerment guide.


She has helped thousands of people around the world clear physical and emotional static energy through treatments, workshops, consultations, and guidance.

By using alchemy healing, meditation, channeling and breath work techniques, Maya helps you identify the core of your emotional and physical blockages and helps you transform from a place of victimhood, confusion, and negative thinking to a place of empowerment, clarity, inner wisdom and peace.

She has studied through Shamanism, Buddhism and Kabbala and incorporates all of her learnings through her own personal transformation.

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Zo Flamenbaum

Creative Embodiment Facilitator

Zo believes deeply in the power of words, and that our power is beyond words. She facilitates growth processes to awaken personal power, foster mind body connection, and embolden the inner voice. 

Through a series of expressive and embodied exercises, Zo helps people cultivate clarity, confidence, and courage to shed the layers of “default life” and find personal freedom by deepening into their truth. 

In 2014, she founded School of Shine, an educational resource for self empowerment, feminine leadership, and conscious community.

Meditating on Beach


JULY 20-25, 2021


(Australian Dollars)




This course is delivered on Zoom. 

You'll also be given access to a private Facebook group moderated by the facilitators where you can ask extra questions outside of the LIVE session times and feel supported by other members of the Believe In Yourself community.

Because this is set to be a global gathering, we know it's important to let you know that all sessions are recorded, so you can access  every workshop, even if you can’t attend LIVE.

These sessions are sacred spaces, which means that you have the option to choose what level of participation feels safe & comfortable for you.

You should know that you won’t have to share publicly at any stage of the journey, if that is your preference.
If you feel compelled to engage more outwardly, that is both welcomed and encouraged.
So that’s our promise to you from the outset.

We are here to hold you and help you step into the driver's seat of your life.

This course will reach into the corners of your self-belief structures and plant the seeds for an upgrade of your feeling and processing systems.

Together we will support you in constructing a new relationship with yourself and between you and your world.


You will walk away with a toolbox packed with proven practices and transformative techniques that will benefit you now and long into the future.

With love,

Michelle, Gurumukh, Maya, Zo & Tracy

What You're Getting

Wisdom and Tools to Change Your Life

- Twelve hours of practical knowledge to update your thinking around confidence, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-esteem and worthiness
- Training in breathing techniques (to access your intuition, enliven your creativity and calm your nerves) that you can practice independently for the rest of your life!
- Six sessions designed to reprogram your belief structures
- Six Hours of relaxing and supportive body work to reset your nervous system; the foundation for upgrading cognitive beliefs
- Personal access to five powerful facilitators from around the world who will answer your personal questions
- A collection of proven mindset tools
- Techniques to identify and dissolve your limiting beliefs
- Community support in a closed and private Facebook group
- Your personal pain points will be addressed, one on one, by expert and master coaches
- Exposure to an array of personal development and healing modalities