How does it work?

The Four Stages Of Alignment

The mind can't update its narrative, if the body believes a different story.



Nobody benefits from your stress and suffering, least of all - YOU.

Stress is the barrier to living your best life.

Alignment begins with removing excess stress from your body. 


In Stage One of the Alignment System you will update the body’s habitual response to the world.

You will learn self regulation strategies, breathing practices and a profound meditation technique, designed to clear new and old stress from the body.

You will cultivate a healthy nervous system so that you have the energy to deal with daily demands. 

You will improve your adaptability and capacity to gracefully face challenges.

You will become an independent meditator so that you are self-sufficient and feel competent with your practice.


We will update the lens through which your mind sees the world.

The nervous system needs to support new belief structures - so after Stage One we can move onto Mindset Mastery.

We will refine your intellect so that your thoughts aren't

holding you back and clearly identify your desires.

We will identify your limiting beliefs, subconscious fears and redundant narratives you've become attached to. 


Stage Three takes us where the mind can't.

When we can't intellectually identify the source of our pain, we can access the knowledge through

the subtle body's wisdom.

Qi-Touch works on our meridian system (the body's energy highway) which, when brought into balance, clears energetic blockages.

We work with a goal - moving us from where we don't want to be to where we do want to be.

It is relaxing and restorative.


Transformation takes time.

With more Mindset Mastery and Qi-Touch sessions, we will have more integration time, more support and more hands on opportunities to get deep into transforming your

pain into your power.