Do you self-sabotage?

Here’s the thing - self-sabotage is not your fault. 

It is a latent fear in your body that is hijacking your subconscious mind.


The fact is, we can only use what we can see. 


This is why if we want to have greater agency over our lives, we need to know what is subconsciously driving us - so that we can reclaim our position in the driver’s seat and take control.


The good news is - we can re-wire our subconscious processes.

Once a pattern or behaviour becomes conscious - we have found our power to change our beliefs.


But first, we need to feel SAFE to begin to see....

How does the Alignment System help with self-sabotage?

Oftentimes, the reason we can’t move forward or keep responding to life with anxiety or in these redundant, unhelpful ways, is because our bodies and minds are telling us different stories about the world. 


In short, the story of our body is out of alignment with the story of our mind.  

As we move through the world, the nervous system is mapping your experience to recognise patterns. The purpose of this process is to keep you safe. To keep you alive.

But, when we don't actively update our experiences as we grow and learn, our nervous system becomes clogged with old, out-of-date stress impressions and memories from the past which then govern how we respond to the present.

That's why, even though we know on an intellectual level that we don't need to feel this way or think that way, we can't seem to make a mental shift or behave differently.

It's because our body is experiencing a dissonance.

These old stress impressions are blocking us from accessing our higher order thinking - and stealing our power in the present moment - because we automatically move into a survival response - which has three modes: fight, flight or freeze. 

To update our body's response to the world so that we can function effectively - we need to actually update the hardware.

That's the nervous system itself.

Then we can program new software into the system - those are the belief systems.

With clean and sturdy hardware - and relevant software, we achieve ease and efficiency.


This is why we need to bring our bodies and minds into alignment so that they are telling the same story and so that we can CHOOSE how we respond to life. 






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