Deep Relaxation

Reboot the body. Reset the mind. Infuse your system with rest.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 40 דולר אוסטרלי
  • Rothschild 129, Tel Aviv

Lesson Info

What does the series involve?
 - A self-massage technique to move stagnant energy through the body - Deep & repetitive stretches to pacify the nervous system - A detoxifying breathing technique that pacifies the left brain, enlivens the right brain and unites both hemispheres of the brain and body to create cohesiveness and clarity of thought. - A short meditation to promote stress release - Extended rest to integrate the practice with heart soothing visualizations I will lead you through a deeply restorative 90-120 minute series that will reboot your body and reset your mind. Some of the participants who have taken this class report that after months of not being able to sleep, they slept their first full night through. Others report feeling the emotional heaviness they'd been carrying, completely lift.