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Learn To Meditate (Group Course)

with Tracy Alexander, 4 x 90 minutes

  • Started 24 Dec 2021
  • 440 דולר אוסטרלי
  • Rothschild 129, Tel Aviv

Lesson Info

A 6 hour program taught over 4 x 90 minute sessions. 1. You will first learn how to breathe - because the breath is the instant reset button and a natural door to the depths of the psyche. Your breath sits at the interface between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and will deepen your dive into the meditative waters. 2. I will introduce you to mindset techniques so that you can understand your mind’s natural mechanics. 3. You will learn about focus, judgement, self-talk and a phenomenon called the “observer”. Through these exercises you will discover the power you have over your thoughts and learn how to create your experience of life. 4. You will learn a meditation technique that works on a physiological level, plunging the body into a state of deep rest and allowing the mind to de-excite and access the more quiet, subtle states of your consciousness. Once you have the foundation of this deep meditation technique and the lived wisdom that it will reveal to you, over time, you will get better and better at it and then you’ll feel yourself and your life opening up. ​ 5. You will gain access to free group meditation and life coaching sessions each week, in which you will be able to deepen your practice. These are voluntary - you can attend as many or a few as you'd like. These sessions are my way of helping you stay accountable, expand your consciousness and giving you access to me to ask questions you might have about any pain points in life. ​ THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF: ​ You are overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of work and life You are unable to sleep You are tired and lacking energy You are an over-thinker or constantly worrying You have difficulty making decisions and often feel lost You often worry about what other people think of you You lack confidence in your ability to find success You are restless - always looking for the next thing to make you happy You experience an inner discontent - like something is "off" but you just don’t know what it is or how to resolve it You lack confidence in your relationships You experience negative self-talk - telling yourself you’re not good enough You feel deeply sad but don't know why