Seven Day Stress Detox

A Free Program on Resets, Rituals & Routines for Dissolving Stress

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Presented by Tracy Alexander,
Founder of The Alignment System.


I'm Tracy and I am here to help you feel free, energized, clear and capable.


One of the major barriers to feeling at the top of our game and enjoying life and sharing our unique gifts with the world is...



Life is short... we all know this...

So why spend it feeling like you're struggling, lost, unclear about what makes you happy, exhausted, stuck and chasing your tail?

In one week you will have a sustainable system to dissolve daily stress.

You will know how to breathe, sleep, eat, cultivate presence and lift your mood.

There will be a new video session each day, where you will be given one new stress-relief strategy.

You'll also have free guided audios to hold you in your practices each day.

By the end you will have an epic tool kit that you can dig into whenever you need!

And... this program is completely free!

Not too shabby, right?

What's the catch? There isn't one.

These are very entry level, simple steps that are an entree to doing the deeply transformative work.

I just want you to get to know me - so that you can feel if it feels aligned to work further together.

All my love,

Trace xxx

In this program you will learn


I want to be clear, calm & confident,
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