Guided Meditations

Remember, beautiful meditator, that this is an effortless technique.

The meditation part is EASY!

If it’s not… you’re no longer using the effortless technique I’ve taught you.

It means you’ve fallen back into pushing, trying, focusing, concentrating… effort-ing.

The part which takes effort is keeping the commitment you made to yourself - to meditate each day.


You are important. Your life is special.

Remember that you made an investment in yourself when you learned to meditate.

You already know that life is not about struggling, anxiety, insecurity and loneliness.

You did not come here just to suffer.

Meditation - when done consistently - is your key to support, ease, bliss and freedom.

I want that for you... because that is your birthright.

That's why I have created these guided meditations for you - as an extra hand hold.

It's often easier to show up or dive deep when someone else is holding the space for you.


You can use them as a way of staying consistent or forming the habit for yourself.


You can play these every morning and every afternoon to keep yourself on track.

I am here to support you.

Morning MeditationTracy Alexander
00:00 / 24:37
Afternoon MeditationTracy Alexander
00:00 / 23:38