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Wisdom + Clarity

JUNE 24th with Gurumukh Singh

In this session you will have the chance to engage in a thoughtful discussion about confidence and clarity.

Gurumukh will answer your personal questions around obstacles or sticky spaces in your life.

You can send these questions through ahead of time if you'd like them to be answered but remain anonymous, or you can ask them yourself during the session.

Gurumukh links the world of spirituality to a practical, modern lifestyle. With his master’s permission, Gurumukh left the monastery he grew up in, to experience a more conventional day-to-day life, which included working in the IT industry for 5 years.
Navigating "real world" challenges allowed Gurumukh to fully embody the spiritual teachings he had learned.

For 7 years, he has has been guiding students in English

from around the world.