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  • How does Vedic Meditation differ to other forms of meditation?
    Unlike many styles of meditation that are designed for monks and the likes, Vedic Meditation doesn't require any concentrating or straining or struggling. It doesn't require you to clear the mind, to change your breath in any way, nor to focus on the breath. It doesn't require you to sit in uncomfortable positions for hours on end. Vedic meditation is effortless. The purpose is to remove stress from the body, regulate the nervous system and tap into the mind's broader potential. The technique causes the mind to be lured into deep states of awareness, bringing the body into a state of rest several times deeper than sleep. This causes the body to purify, rebalance and heal - leaving you feeling rejuvenated and able to take on life's demands with greater ease. Plus, once you've completed the course, you're an independent meditator. That means, no need to rely on anyone or anything to practice.
  • What if I don't have time to meditate?
    If you’re feeling like your life is well balanced, you know how to manage your stress levels, you can effectively emotionally regulate, you are sleeping well and enough, you’re able to access your intuition, you believe in yourself, you’re feeling vital and able to meet the demands of life with grace and flow… well, then… perhaps you don’t need to meditate (and can I have some of what you’re having?) ​ But if you’re finding yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, easily triggered, emotionally drained, in toxic relationships, lacking self-confidence, unable to make decisions, doubting yourself, feeling unclear and without a way to diffuse and reboot your system… how do you NOT have time to meditate? ​​ 2 x 20 minute sessions of Vedic meditation, morning and afternoon, takes up about 3% of your day. And the affect that has on the other 97% is supremely life changing. Considering the average person invests about 8% of their day on Facebook alone, taking 3% of your time to meditate seems a pretty worthwhile investment.
  • How will this improve my productivity?
    You can’t give from an empty cup. ​ When we take time to reboot our systems, it returns back to operation more smoothly. ​ It’s like restarting the computer. We close down all the tabs … and let the system rest and recalibrate. Anyone who drives a car knows how damaging it is to the engine when we continue to drive with a low tank of fuel… Beyond the risk that once the fuel has run out, the car will break down and get stuck… running on a depleted tank is causing devastating wear and tear on the engine and operating system itself.​ Meditation puts fuel back in the tank. It keeps the vehicle running efficiently. It cleans out the system of junk and residue to give us MORE space in the cup. We then function from a place of abundance and overflow - rather than grinding through life from a place of depletion and stamina.
  • What if I have a short attention span?
    In Vedic meditation we don't concentrate and try to stay focused on anything. You don't need to have rigid attention anywhere and there's no need to fight away thoughts. It's a very simple, natural, easy process. During the 4-session course you’ll experience that you actually can meditate effortlessly and you'll gain a greater understanding of what meditation is. You’ll also find your attention span is likely to increase as you dissolve stress and settle your nervous system. This means more calmness and clarity with the ability to focus on tasks in daily life.
  • Do I have to believe in anything spiritual?
    There is nothing you need to believe in to practice Vedic Meditation. This style of meditation is designed for people like you and me - who just want a simple practice to reboot their systems so that they can function more effectively during everyday life. ​ The practice is designed to help you become more adaptable and flexible in a busy, fast-paced, constantly changing world. ​ If you’re an energetic person, a high-functioning person, a creative person, an ambitious person, meditation will help you harness those qualities in a sustainable way. ​ If you’re someone who has a lot to do during the day and simply wants to find a way to recharge and de-stress, it will give you an easy and enjoyable way to do that, which you can do independently and in your own time.
  • What kind of meditation experience do I need?
    This course is for beginner and experienced meditators. I work with anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate with ease and transcend the thinking mind. The 4-session course is designed to take people from no meditation experience (or some experience) all the way through to mastering the Vedic meditation technique. The practice itself is simple and natural, and you will experience the benefits of the technique from your very first session. Absolutely anyone can learn, kids through to adults, and there is continual support after the course to help you make meditation a daily practice.
  • How does this compare to meditation apps and drop-in classes?
    Meditation apps are wonderful gateways for people who are interested in meditation, but they generally don't include personal instruction, which is necessary for success. Apps and drop-in classes keep you stuck in "learning" mode, rather than graduating to self-sufficiency and mastery/ Drop-in studios are also the most expensive way to meditate - because you're paying by the hour, with no free support - and you're always reliant on a teacher, guided instruction or class times in order to practice.
  • What is a mantra and why do I need one?
    The word mantra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and translates as; manas = mind and tra = vehicle. In Vedic meditation, we use the mantra as a vehicle to draw the mind from the surface of our noisy mind to the subtle, more quiet states of awareness. The process brings the body into a deep state of rest. The mantra you receive is a simple sound with no intended meaning and this ‘mind vehicle’ will be selected for you to create the most effortless meditation experience. There are thousands of different mantras or 'mind vehicles' that are used in different techniques, each with their own function and outcome. Receiving a personal mantra and correct instruction for Vedic meditation gives you a deeper experience and allows you to advance your practice over the years.
  • Why should I take a Vedic Meditation course rather than using apps?
    When you learn Vedic Meditation you become independent. You won't be reliant on anything or anyone else in order to dive into bliss and get the benefits of deep rest. When you take the course, step-by-step, you will learn all of the relevant aspects of meditation directly with me. I will walk you through the key principles for meditating in the easiest, most effortless way. You will see that there is nothing arbitrary about meditation; from the way you sit, to the time of day you practice, to the manner in which you treat your thoughts. You will also have plenty of home practice, group practice, and Q&A with me. At the conclusion of the course, you will also remain in contact with me in case you have future meditation related questions. Plus you will have an open invitation to return and retake the course whenever it takes place again. None of those options exist with meditation apps.
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