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I attended Tracy's meditation class, and also her urban retreat. Both experiences have changed my life.

Tracy is a wonderful teacher, and a loving, caring and nurturing person. In her meditation class I learned a new form of meditation. I have been meditating for years, however the method that Tracy teaches is truly effortless, and it really works to reduce stress. I have been meditating for 20 minutes twice a day for several months and I am sleeping so much better, and am generally calmer and more emotionally regulated throughout the day.

The urban retreat was magical. We learned how to release deep stress through gentle stretching and meditating. The workshops were great. If you are interested in learning a life enhancing practice, you should definitely become a student with Tracy!

You won't regret it, just do it!

Amy, Psychotherapist


I call Tracy my miracle worker!
Prior to working with Tracy, I’d read many books on self-growth and spirituality.  Everything was in my mind, but it didn’t connect with me.
I knew I had to meditate to bind my knowledge with my feelings. I’d tried meditation on my own. It wasn’t fun.
It took me a while to get into ‘it’.
It felt like a chore. Deep down I knew I just didn’t have the right tools. 
This is when I discovered Tracy. 
I decided to give it a go and learn the meditation techniques.
While I came to her to learn techniques, Tracy taught me a lot more than that. In the first session with Tracy, she helped me discover something about myself that was revolutionary to me. It was the ‘aha’ moment I’ve been waiting for to move forward in my self-development. 
Tracy taught me meditation skills that are so simple yet powerfully effective. 
The benefits I’ve reaped thus far from meditating are too many to count, which is why I look forward to my meditation sessions.  
They are life changing! 
I can’t thank Tracy enough. 
She is my miracle worker. 
And I thank G-d for bringing her into my life.

Ola, Corporate Director

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I would shout it from the rooftops how life-changing are Tracy's programs and teachings. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the technique and lineage, she helps her students tap into their greatest source of wisdom: their own intuition and alignment. 

Learning meditation has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

In this increasingly distracted and fearful world, you will never regret gifting yourself a practice that continuously dissolves old stress and returns you again and again to the bliss that resides on the inside.

Tracy is such a special, gifted, warm and compassionate teacher. The course is for beginner and advanced meditators alike, and in addition to the nitty gritty how-tos on meditating, Tracy shares moving wisdom and practical mindfulness tools, culminating in a truly transformational experience. 

I have dabbled in many healing modalities, and meditation with Tracy is one of the most exceptional. 

Go, walk, run to her course!

Jaclyn, Author

Testimonials: Testimonials

My biggest concern about being able to meditate was the ability to sit still and stop the racing mind. It was not even an issue! During my first solo meditation, I peeped at the clock after what felt like 10 minutes, and 25 minutes had passed!!! Crazy! Plus, I felt really good and refreshed.

Since becoming a meditator, I am able to see everything more clearly, as if I've lifted a filter from my lens.

I am happier, nicer to people and most importantly to myself.

I am an avid cannabis user,  prescribed by a doctor and I notice that I have not been smoking as much. I also have been going to sleep earlier and getting up earlier as well.

My mood and outlook on life is much improved and will catch myself smiling a lot more often. 

I am so proud of myself for jumping into something so new and foreign to me,  but really, after thinking about it for way too long, I knew that this was going to be a huge part of my future. There was a deep calling within me,  I just needed to listen to that voice.

Once again I thank Tracy for being her and seeing the good and love in all human beings. 

~ Anonymous ~

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Before meditating I found much of my activity in life to be filled with great effort and hard work, and even when I took a break I'd be thinking about how much I have to do. Anxiety and worry were constant companions.
After meditating regularly, I've found a sense of ease: even in the most challenging tasks. For me, these tasks include televised political debates, working under deadline, and managing a multi-million dollar company. I don't meditate as an escape from life but as a key to enjoying it: I now accomplish more success with less effort. Without even changing what I do in life, I now experience greater peace and enjoyment than I ever felt I had a right to ask or expect from the universe.

Dan, CEO & Attorney


I’ve always tried meditation and wondered “am I doing this “right”? Why am I thinking? Is this OK?”
I decided to take this course with Tracy since she said it’s the easiest form of meditation! She was right!
It’s so simple and easy and totally accessible for anyone! Since learning this form of meditation I’ve practiced every day and within the first few days already noticed a big shift in my perspective. I handle certain situations now with much more ease and peace. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and think everyone should be practicing meditation, especially once you realize it’s so easy!

Natali, Business Coach

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Tracy is compassionate, intuitive, kind, patient, thoughtful and is a talented teacher, beyond expectations. She is both of this world yet is able to take you past your immediate senses and into another realm filled with clarity towards a higher perception that was always out of my reach in the hustle and bustle of my busy life. I feel empowered and motivated to continue on the path she so skillfully introduced and opened up. Thank you, I will take your lessons, carry them with me and continue to learn from you.

Juliette, Educational Director


Tracy, with her inner light and wisdom, has given me a life-long gift of being able to tap into my own inner light and wisdom with a simple yet such powerful technique - which is improving my day to day life in all aspects. The journey with Tracy and meditating does not end at the end of her workshop, but only begins, as she continues to provide guidance and support all throughout, with kind and loving reminders that we all have the power within us to make decisions that improve our lives simply by being.

Shani, CEO


What is so amazing about Tracy is her ability to integrate so many incredible skills together.
She is able to intently listen to the other person while at the same time she talks freely about her own life experience in such an open and inspiring way. The knowledge that she had gathered through her multiple studies and through her various life experiences are combined so perfectly with her inner intuition.
What I especially loved during my studies in her class was the way she shared her own technique and self-development together with us.
The way she accepts the others mixed with what I said above is what turns her teaching into an enriching experience.
Her ability to live a “normal” life instead of living as a nun in a convent, helps her combine the everyday “madness“ into a peaceful daily tranquility, which one so desires.

Rinat, Journalist

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials
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My whole perception of what meditation is, has completely changed.

I always thought it was about trying to get into a certain state in the moment that you are meditating. And the stress around achieving that  always made me fearful and kept me away.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that it is a gift that has permeated many other areas of my life and is not about the specific moment when you meditate. It is about the external benefits that I am receiving!

Since my meditation course with Tracy and practicing it daily, I am no longer relying on melatonin to sleep. I am experiencing a deeper more restful sleep and am grateful for this.

Jodi, Financial Broker

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Tracy has a rare talent of being an excellent teacher, combined with being an empathetic person who understands people are going through their own experiences, and moulding her teaching to suit that persons requirements. She was extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey complex messages about the human body, mind and physical makeup in simple, bite size "digestibles" that allowed me - a non-science person who works in finance - to understand the theory behind the benefits of Vedic Meditation. 

In addition to these qualities, Tracy tailored her teachings to the different people in the class, given they were attending for different reasons, and was able to relate to each person individually as opposed to taking a blanket approach where the students had to understand her way of doing things.

This approach allowed each person in the group to have their own experience relevant to them instead of trying to fit their experience into the broader lessons she was teaching us.

Her attitude, patience and positive energy were obvious attributes that made the course so enjoyable and useful.

I completed Tracy's course 6 weeks ago and have continued with meditation nearly every day since. While my meditation is still in its infancy, I have found that after completing my meditation I have a clear mind with heightened clarity of thought and increased energy levels. I have no doubt that I will experience further benefits as I continue on my meditation journey.

Adam, Head of Investor Relations


I worked with Tracy on developing my meditation skills and she was amazing! Walking out of every session, you feel like a new person. I have had meditation coaches in the past but none that have worked magic the way that Tracy has. She makes you feel safe and confident to truly let go of whatever stresses you may be holding on to and truly embrace the experience. The skills you learn in these sessions are easy to transfer into everyday life. I have continued to practice mediation using Tracy’s techniques ever since. I highly recommend to anybody searching for clarity, to get in touch. She's wonderful.

Sarah, Journalist

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Tracy has a gift.
As a body/mind/spirit worker myself, I sensed it from the minute I met her, and then as I got to know her and experience her gifts first hand, I was blown away and deeply moved. From her incredible ability to articulate the depths of the human experience to her wise perspective and healing presence - the work she is doing is so powerful and important.
After participating in her meditation training, I was more motivated than ever to bring meditation into my daily life, and then when we did a Qi-Touch session - the technique and her execution of it was incredible to experience and feel the benefits of right away. It is clear that she is the real deal.

Maya, Yoga Teacher

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