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Nof Zukim, Israel
29 May-2nd June, 2024

Be a part of this one of a kind experience.

The only Vedic Rounding Retreat in Israel.



This retreat will change your life.

Your heart will open, your body will reset, your mind will expand.

You will come away wiser, revitalized and more connected to yourself.

You will be armed with powerful tools and life affirming insights that will bring freedom, clarity and resilience to your life.


There are a lot of people who are interested in meditation… (well, they’re interested in getting some peace and quiet in their minds)... 

They’ve downloaded an app, they’ve committed to 10 minutes of mindfulness a day, they’ve gone to drop-in classes and then life takes over and not much changes on a sustainable level. 


There might be some instant relief, but then once again, they find themselves responding to life’s demands with the same level of stress, anxiety and angst. 


If this sounds relatable - and you’re craving that deep restoration that your body and mind doesn’t seem to be getting from a simple meditation course - this retreat has been designed for you.

You need time and space to go deep and that’s exactly what we’ll do on this retreat. 

In this immersive getaway in the stunning Israeli desert, you will dissolve years of accumulated stress in just four days.

Incredibly - the experience doesn't have to end on the final day of retreat. 
You will leave INDEPENDENT in these life-changing practices so you can take these rejuvenating tools home with you.

Plus, if community and accountability is your thing, you'll have ongoing access to free weekly group meditation classes. 

What is Rounding?

Rounding is a profoundly potent practice that includes gentle and repetitive yoga poses, breathwork, meditation and resting (shavasana) that supercharges stress release and healing.

It is deeply restorative, nurturing, blissful and easy to do. 


When this technique is practiced in a loop over successive days, your inner world clears of the junk that's weighing you down.

The nervous system purges old, redundant patterning, allowing you to connect with your truest self.

What's included?

  • Instruction in ancient practice of Rounding 
    (Once you have learned this technique, you can practice it in your own time at home)

  • Luxury accommodation with desert backdrop

  • Delicious Ayurvedic inspired meals each day

  • All day snacks + hot drinks

  • Access to swimming pool

  • Private jacuzzi for single, double and triple rooms 

  • Instruction in profound breathing techniques

  • Chakra balancing meditation

  • Mindset and life insight sessions

  • Sharing of Vedic wisdom

  • Instruction in mindfulness practices

  • Nature walks

  • Group Qi-Touch body balance session

  • Access to Desert Peace Center

  • Optional: Book a massage

  • Optional: Learn Advanced Mantra Technique


What Participants Are Saying...

"I felt a shift in my coping mechanisms.

Before I was just coping and now I feel like I can really live."

"I feel like this has been a total reset for my system".

"It really showed me that there are ways to quiet the mind down that aren't escapes".

"This technique of meditation is really powerful and really simple. Tracy makes it really easy."

"This has been such a phenomenal experience and I almost feel like time has stopped".

"It'll change your life".



I love that it was a full package and every detail was thought of - disconnecting with beautiful desert scenery and cozy facilities, delicious healthy food, a method that aids the body to de-excite, meditation and evening convos around a fire for the mind. Being surrounded by such special humans filled my cup. Your heartfelt massages and intuitive touch during shavasana are wonderful.


I left with a kind of afterglow, a sort of peacefulness like I was slightly separated from the world and kind of blissy.


Tracy is a very special human being who leads retreats with her whole heart and so much grace. She has endless patience and believes in everyone who shows up. The combination of being in beautiful facilities with delicious healthy food, and a unique, easy and cozy method where the body is an integral part of the process leave profound effects on the mind, body and soul.

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Nof Zuqim

Nof Zuqim offers five star, boutique accommodation nestled in the beautiful Negev desert.

Each cabin is equipped with its own private jacuzzi and stunning views of the unique landscape.

The desert has powerful healing energy and an extraordinary sense of stillness -

the perfect environment for you to find true peace and relaxation.

The newly-built retreat centre is an opportunity to absorb and connect with the peace and silence of the Negev desert and its surroundings.

The owners' vision is to promote a sense of tranquility and wellbeing that promotes peace between people of all nationalities, race and religions.

The centre was designed with nature in mind and built with materials that both blend in with and complement its environment. It is an inspiring space...


What is a Satsang?

In Sanskrit, “satsang” means a sacred gathering to sit, or simply BE, in Truth. 


We will gather around a bonfire and get cosy as we dive into Vedic wisdom.


It is also a time when Tracy will devote special time to transform how you think about the world and yourself.


What's on the menu?

We will be nourished with a delicious Indian inspired menu, bringing the intelligence of Ayurveda into the physiology.

Ayurveda is the science of life.

We will eat grounding, wholesome, delicious REAL food to aid with cleansing the system.

All meals are vegetarian and specific dietary requirements can be catered for.

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Who should attend?

YOU should!

This retreat is for meditators of all levels of experience.

The only prerequisite is that you have learned Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation.


If you have not yet learned, you can organize to do a course with Tracy prior to the retreat.

The benefit of learning as part of coming on the retreat, is that you will be gifted 50% off the course fee!


  • Exhausted & lacking energy

  • Craving peace of mind

  • Needing a break from the demands of life

  • Unable to sleep

  • Overthinking & worrying

  • Lacking confidence in your relationships

  • Wanting to upgrade the way you relate to the world

  • Needing to reconnect to your power, motivation and creativity

  • Restless - always looking for the next thing to make you happy

  • Feeling discontent - like something is off but you just don’t know what it is or how to resolve it

  • Stuck in negative self-talk

  • Feeling deeply sad - but don't know why

  • Overly focused on what other people think about you

  • Struggling to make decisions


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5 days/ 4 nights

Change your Body + Mind. Change your Life.






5100nis pp

(3 x twin rooms in villa)
** 6 spots only

4300nis pp

Bookings after March 29, 2024 are non-refundable.

*Payment plans available*


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In five days -

  • Reset your nervous system

  • Gain peace of mind

  • Find clarity of thought

  • Experience deep relaxation

  • Restore your energy

  • Dissolve years of stress

  • Gain new perspectives about how to approach life with more ease and grace

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