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Meditation, quite simply, saved my life.

My ability to thrive both personally and professionally, became possible through the skills I developed by meditating every day.


But there is no panacea for success or healing or feeling peaceful.

It wasn't meditation ALONE.


This is why I include an array of mindset, mentality and body-work practices in my courses.

I want my students to develop a fully integrated and grounded commitment to their Self-mastery work.

That requires a refining of the intellect and expectations, a fine-tuning of perspective, a softening of the heart and robust self-talk strategies.

I’m a former news presenter and throughout my career I worked in high pressure, deadline-driven environments.

As the host of a nightly prime-time news program, my job was to process and analyze multiple input streams simultaneously, confidently deliver clearly constructed and accurate information in an engaging way…

live to air…

under studio lights...

and remain unflappable.

My daily meditation practice was my not-so-secret professional super-power.
It supported me in my ability to excel at my job.

But, professional success and performance enhancement was just a bonus.
What drew me to meditation over a decade ago was that I was in pain.

I'd reached a point in my life where I felt lost, insecure and empty.

My mind was crowded and not with thoughts that were helping me.


Childhood trauma had begun a cycle of unsustainable beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

The impact of shock, loss and grief on my nervous system changed the way I interacted with the world and how I saw myself.

I spent my teenage years and early twenties battling depression and anxiety - but deep down there was a whisper that told me -it doesn't have to be like this.

In my determination to recover, I tried what felt like everything. 

Along the way I gained tools and insights that I still use to this day, but the game changer, was Vedic meditation.

It was the jack-hammer into my truth and the most reliable tool for my healing journey.

It led me to a place of self-love, peace, alignment and joy.


Working in the news industry has also made me deeply aware of how desperately our world needs meditation and inner harmony.


Now, I dedicate my time teaching meditation and arming people with self-talk strategies.


I have an academic background in Cognitive Psychology, I am trained in a psycho-somatic healing methodology known as Qi-Touch and completed one of the world’s most rigorous trainings to become a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher. 

Based on this life-changing technique, I have developed programs that can help you up-level your life, both mentally and physically remove blockages, boost your self-belief and make your mind an asset not an enemy.


After 14 years practicing with renowned teachers and mentors, I have made it my mission to help others heal and cultivate their inner calm.


Alignment begins from within - and your journey, starts here.

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