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Moksha Membership

Tap into an ONGOING FLOW of wisdom.

Wash yourself clean of the shackles that keep you limited and stuck.

This is a restructuring of the inner architecture so that life feels the way you want it to feel. Immerse yourself daily in wisdom, tools and perspective shifts that will change the way you view yourself and life - making you more powerful because you feel LIMITLESS.

This community portal is a monthly membership, giving you easy access into my world.

It's called MOKSHA - which means freedom or liberation in Sanskrit.

What you will receive is worth THOUSANDS of dollars in value - but I want you to claim that abundance by stepping in and claiming a PREMIUM offering, at a no-brainer price point. It's up to you to decide how much EASE and OVERFLOW you want to align with.

I will be sharing stress management tools, nervous system regulation mechanics, techniques for accessing your intuition, self-talk strategies, how to communicate with yourself (mind, body, spirit) and how to create alignment in your life through a multitude of modalities. I also bring guest facilitators in to share tips with you.

* Please note $90USD becomes $140 Australian Dollars at the check out. The A stands for Australian Dollars.

** Please pay attention to the confirmation pages at each stage of sign up. 

The link to access the Telegram group is shown to you directly after you fill out your intake form. It isn't sent in an email - but rather you're given direct access to the group from the confirmation page right after you've filled out the intake form. Be sure to move mindfully and check each page carefully. 

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