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Moksha Membership

Tap into an ONGOING FLOW of wisdom.

Wash yourself clean of the shackles that keep you limited and stuck.

This is a restructuring of the inner architecture so that life feels the way you want it to feel. Immerse yourself daily in wisdom, tools and perspective shifts that will change the way you view yourself and life - making you more powerful because you feel LIMITLESS.

This community portal is a zero pressure, monthly membership and you cancel any time.  

It contains smorgasbord of classes that you can dive into whenever you want so that you always have a place that inspires you and unlocks your own wisdom that helps you to feel positive, uplifted and in your own power.

It's called MOKSHA - which means freedom or liberation in Sanskrit.

I share stress management tools, nervous system regulation mechanics, techniques for accessing your intuition, self-talk strategies, how to communicate with yourself (mind, body, spirit) and how to create alignment in your life through a multitude of modalities. I also bring guest facilitators in to share tips with you. There are over 200 classes already available and new classes added daily.

Moksha helps you to understand with very real world examples, how to navigate all relationships in your life - whether it’s at work, with your partner, in your family and with yourself. You will receive the mindset and attitudinal shifts to take control of your own experience so that you are not feeling powerless in your life - you know how to change your perspective, find the answers to why you’re feeling stuck and move whatever situation you’re in to one that feels like it is flowing and working in your favour.

The common denominator in your life is you. So the version of you that you bring to the world determines what you see in response. You attract what you are - so your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the state of your nervous system (meaning how tired you are, how much energy you have to adapt to a change in expectation) will determine what kinds of experiences you have - the people you attract, the amount of abundance that flows towards you, whether things come easy or you have to fight for them… this is all a result of your mindset and how you see yourself and the world. Moksha helps you to liberate yourself from ways of operating in the world that are keeping you living an experience of life that feels uneasy or misaligned or unnecessarily hard.

It works because you are hearing this wisdom all the time - so by exposing yourself to this high frequency - you become that. You start to think like that. You see possibility instead of challenge. You can hold yourself with trust in yourself and in life so that you can relax, remain open hearted and move out of fear, doubt and lack.

** Please pay attention to the confirmation pages at each stage of sign up. 

The link to access the Telegram group is shown to you directly after you fill out your intake form. It isn't sent in an email - but rather you're given direct access to the group from the confirmation page right after you've filled out the intake form. Be sure to move mindfully and check each page carefully. 

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