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Body + Mind Whisper 

A 5-week journey connecting you with a deep inner quiet, self-love and harmony with your inner world.


You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

You've had a delicious night's sleep and you're excited to start your day.

There's a lot on your plate, but you don't feel overwhelmed. 
You've got energy. You feel clear.

In fact, you're singing in the shower... when you realise, you've been lost in the pure enjoyment of the hot water running on your skin... which is a far cry from the usual spiral of to-do lists and what ifs that used to dominate.

The memory of those days are replaced with a different knowing; "I'm the one deciding how I feel". 

You're pretty chuffed with yourself for how far you've come - because your mind isn't racing into those usual horror movies of potential scenarios that could await you, twisting your stomach in knots.
In fact, you notice you're celebrating yourself for no particular reason - maybe it's that you're actually just appreciating yourself - and it feels real.

You feel solid - steady - centred. 
You chuckle because it's been a long time since you've felt that kindness coming from you to you... and you smile to yourself as you head out the door, because you know that whatever the day brings, you feel safe - with you.

Isn't it funny. You knew this was possible all along - and now you're here. 



Put yourself back in the seat of your own power.

There is so much wisdom inside of you, but it can get buried under the noise when your system is clogged with stress, worry and panic.

Our minds can drive us crazy. That incessant chatter, won't shut off.
But what if I were to tell you, the racing mind is a result of a racing body?

This is why I start all of my work by regulating the nervous system FIRST.

Then the mind can actually have the space to change.

Because we've slowed everything down.


And think about this.

The feeling of fear, dread, shame, heartache...?
That's in the body. They're feelings.


The body + mind are inextricably linked.
This is why if we want peace, freedom, clarity and confidence - we need to work with the mechanics of both.

Learn the language of your body + your mind... and begin a more empowering conversation - where you're in master control and it listens to you.


When we can communicate with our mind and body, this upgrades how we experience life.

You become the one who DECIDES how life feels - rather than being tossed around by demands.

When we can hear and see clearly - we can act confidently and meet the need of the moment with greater accuracy.

We cannot hear the cues coming from our body, when we’re stressed.

We also cannot hear if we are afraid to listen.

We can not learn from our emotions if we don’t know how to feel them.

We cannot see clearly when our truth is being drowned out by fear.

We cannot have perspective when we’re in panic.

The quality of our thoughts will not support us when our body is in survival mode.

Body and Mind Whisper will allow you to gain greater power over your inner world, to transform the way you relate to the outside world.

The mind can’t update if the body believes a different story - so we must be aware of HOW to use both - and understand the mind and body mechanics so you can work with them.

Once you understand HOW you work and what the mind and body CAN do… then we can use and apply our very intelligent and natural architecture to help life feel easier and move from surviving to thriving.

We need to attend to both the body and the mind -

We start with the body - by removing stress chemistry from the body, bringing you out of the fear response and giving you access, once again, to your higher order thinking.

Once we come out of the stress response, then we can have greater agency over our minds, behaviours and decisions.

We will come to understand how we can practice new ways of thinking, detect the redundant survival structures that are dominating your beliefs and perpetuating the stress response in your body.

This course is packed with science, common sense and will help you feel SEEN in your experience.


You will understand WHY life can be feeling TOO MUCH… and what we can do to manage that.

This course is created for humans by a human and it is infused with personal stories.


You will hear about how Tracy has used and applied these tools in her life, in her journey to overcome an anxiety disorder, to create more presence and calm her overthinking mind, succeed professionally and change her thinking systems from self loathing to self love.

Break free from the shackles of stress, anxiety and self-sabotage.


This program for inner-mastery, inspired by Tracy Alexander's "Alignment System," unveils the key to liberating yourself from the clutches of stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk.

Welcome to the Body + Mind Whisper Course, where the transformative journey begins with the revolutionary Alignment System – a paradigm that prioritizes the BODY before the MIND.


🌿 **Understanding the Foundation:**

The Alignment System operates on the principle that the body and mind are inseparable. Their interconnected functioning shapes each other's experiences, making it crucial to address the body first.


💡 **Why BODY First?**

In a state of fight, flight, or freeze due to stress overload, the body can hinder the mind's ability to embrace new perspectives. Survival mode takes precedence, often leading to self-sabotage and conflicting behaviors.


🔗 **Body/Mind Tug of War:**

Stuck in a relentless struggle, your mind and body resist change. Past memories stored in the body's cellular memory create a dichotomy with the more evolved mind, resulting in redundant reactions to life.


⚖️ **Regulating the Nervous System:**

To break free, we must regulate the nervous system, creating a sense of safety in the body. Only then can beliefs and thought processes in the mind be updated, initiating a profound shift.


🌟 **The ALIGNMENT SYSTEM Journey:**

It's a SYSTEM UPGRADE for your mind and body, liberating you from the perpetual search for superficial solutions. Gain INDEPENDENCE from the self-help industry, as we delve into the core, rewiring your overworked system.

In today's fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk have become silent captors, restricting our potential for joy and fulfillment. The shackles of these burdens weigh heavily on both our minds and bodies, hindering our ability to thrive. It's crucial to liberate ourselves from this imprisoning cycle.


The Body + Mind Whisper course draws inspiration from Tracy Alexander's revolutionary "Alignment System." It operates on the fundamental principle that the mind can only evolve when the body aligns with the desired narrative. By releasing the body from stress, we create the optimal environment for rewriting mental scripts and embracing positive change.


Removing stress from our bodies is not merely a luxury—it's a necessity for holistic well-being. This process empowers you to sleep better, break free from overthinking, and comprehend the intricate connection between mind and body. Through mindfulness and presence, you'll conquer judgment, enhance focus, and elevate your self-talk.


As you embark on this journey, you'll gain mastery over your emotional world, learning to self-soothe and regulate your nervous system. The benefits extend beyond momentary relief; they pave the way for a liberated existence, where self-sabotage becomes a relic of the past.


No longer will you be confined as a prisoner to your mind and body. The Body + Mind Whisper course offers you the keys to freedom, providing the tools to love your life fully. Embrace this opportunity to break free from the chains of stress, rewrite your story, and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace and fulfillment. Your journey to liberation begins now.

Dancing in Park


  • Reduced anxiety and overthinking.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Improved focus, concentration & creativity.

  • Self-regulate independently allowing for a swift bounce-back from life’s challenges.

  • Choose your thoughts and regulate emotions.

  • Cultivate a healthy nervous system and deal with chronic moments of stress.

  • You will have a much longer fuse... so less will bother you. You'll be less reactive.

  • You will have greater flexibility and adaptability so that you can respond to life from a resourced and calm place.


What you will learn

  • How to use the breath to harmonise the brain and balance the nervous system

  • Understand the mind's mechanics so that you can begin using this self-awareness to your advantage

  • How to choose your thoughts

  • Understand the mechanics of stress

  • Abolish self-sabotage and perfectionism

  • Untangle judgement + negative self-talk

  • Harness focus + creativity

  • Learn present moment awareness through an easy mindfulness practice which you can add to Vedic Meditation or use on its own.

  • How to be with uncomfortable feelings

Relaxing Outdoor


This course is taught over 5 x 90 minute sessions on Zoom.


Is this for you?

​Just do it.


If you’re here reading about Tracy’s work it’s a sign you’re ready to deepen your connection with yourself and the world, and be showered with a feeling of universal love and calm.


So go for it!

Verdiana ~ Small Business Owner



Understand why this experience of stress and overthinking is not YOU.

This is not a personality flaw or weakness.
This is pure neurophysiology - what you practice you master.


We will explore your relationship with stress and how it is playing into your overall feeling of freedom and empowerment in life.

Understand the sneaky ways the mind tries to protect you and prove itself right - while having adverse affects on your health

and success. 

Stop stress in its tracks. Learn how to breathe - PROPERLY. 

Your breath lies at the interface between your stress response and relaxation response.

When you have mastered the mechanics of breath work you will be able to reset your nervous system no matter where you are.


You will learn pranayama practices for falling asleep, accessing calm when you're nervous, boosting creativity, balancing the brain, moving through overthinking and grounding before meditation. 


You are not your thoughts.
In this session you will understand the mind's mechanics.

See how your mind actually works.

Experience the power of choosing your thoughts. 

Recognise that humans are meaning making machines that create stories that can keep us stuck or set us free.

Access parts of your story that empower you and how you see yourself in the world.

Make contact with the "observer".

This creates space between you and your thoughts so that you can make choices you're proud of and improve your confidence. 

What people are saying...

I’ve always tried meditation and wondered “am I doing this “right”? Why am I thinking? Is this OK?”
I decided to take this course with Tracy since she said it’s the easiest form of meditation! She was right!
It’s so simple and easy and totally accessible for anyone! Since learning this form of meditation I’ve practiced every day and within the first few days already noticed a big shift in my perspective. I handle certain situations now with much more ease and peace. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and think everyone should be practicing mediation, especially once you realize it’s so easy!

Natali ~ Business Coach



Experience a guided exercise which is not only relaxing, but helps you identify the mechanics of the mind to improve focus, stop overthinking in its tracks and cultivate self-awareness around judgment.

Build a new relationship with the commentator in your mind that always has something to say... and most of the time, isn't so helpful.


Abolish perfectionism and self-sabotage so that you can move towards your dreams with ease. 



Move out of rumination, catastrophising and the "what if" loop.


Learn several practices that cultivate present moment awareness.

Mindfulness comes in many forms.


These techniques are practiced in dedicated eye-closed sessions or with eyes open throughout the day.


They helps us return to a position of power when we are spending too much time ruminating on the past or trying to forecast into the future.



Feel your feelings


I feel very fortunate to have met Tracy; her kindness, depth of knowledge and generosity are incredible.

I now feel grounded. Issues come and go. I no longer get completely bowled over by every passing stress and worry.

I encourage everybody who has ever thought about learning to meditate and also those of you who have found other forms of meditation too difficult or unhelpful, to take Tracy’s course.

Sally ~ Operations Manager



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