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Body + Mind
Alignment Course

Stress management tools and mindset strategies for a calmer body and clearer mind.




Pursuing your dreams shouldn’t cost you your health and happiness.


My mission is to help you feel safe in your body, quiet your mind and locate that freedom, flow and fire inside.


It's already there - sometimes it just gets buried beneath the mud of expectations, social pressures, work demands and trauma.


Finding true alignment requires a dedicated process.


We need to get to the core of who you are, underneath your stressed out nervous system.


I am dedicated to helping you access the real YOU - the inspired, resourced and capable you.


The first step - is managing stress and mastering your mind.


Let's do this.

Dancing in Park


  • Reduced anxiety and apathy.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Improved focus, concentration & creativity.

  • You will be able to self-regulate independently allowing for a swift bounce-back from life’s challenges.


  • You will have mindset tools to choose your thoughts and regulate emotions.


  • You will have the tools to cultivate a healthy nervous system and deal with chronic moments of stress.

  • You will have a much longer fuse... so less will bother you. You'll be less reactive.


  • You will have greater flexibility and adaptability so that you can respond to life from a resourced and calm place.


What you will learn

  • How to use the breath to harmonise the brain and balance the nervous system


  • Understand the mind's mechanics so that you can begin using this self-awareness to your advantage


  • Learn how to choose your thoughts


  • Understand the mechanics of stress


  • Untangle judgement + negative self-talk


  • Harness focus + creativity


  • For NON-VEDIC MEDITATORS you will learn the technique of Effortless Transcendence. I will teach you how to systematically bring the body into a deep state of rest and allow the mind to dive beyond thought.

  • For VEDIC MEDITATORS. You will learn how to hold sequence in your mind. I will teach you a series of eyes-open practices that will help you cultivate present moment awareness and expand your identity. 

Relaxing Outdoor


This course is taught over 4 x 90 minute sessions on Zoom.

Is this for you?

​Just do it.


If you’re here reading about Tracy’s work it’s a sign you’re ready to deepen your connection with yourself and the world, and be showered with a feeling of universal love and calm.


So go for it!

Verdiana ~ Small Business Owner



Learn how to breathe. 

Your breath lies at the interface between your stress response and relaxation response.

When you have mastered the mechanics of belly breathing you will be able to reset your nervous system no matter where you are.


You will learn pranayama (breath work) practices for falling asleep, accessing calm when you're nervous, boosting creativity, balancing the brain, moving through overthinking and grounding before meditation. 

Experience a guided exercise which is not only relaxing, but helps you identify the mechanics of the mind that improve focus, stops overthinking in its tracks and cultivates self-awareness around judgment.


Understand the mind's mechanics.

You can't change what you can't see.

See how your mind actually works.

Experience the power of choosing your thoughts. 

Recognise that humans are meaning making machines that create stories that can keep us stuck or set us free.

Access parts of your story that empower you and how you see yourself in the world.

Make contact with the "observer".

This creates space between you and your thoughts so that you can make choices you're proud of and improve your confidence. 

What people are saying...

I’ve always tried meditation and wondered “am I doing this “right”? Why am I thinking? Is this OK?”
I decided to take this course with Tracy since she said it’s the easiest form of meditation! She was right!
It’s so simple and easy and totally accessible for anyone! Since learning this form of meditation I’ve practiced every day and within the first few days already noticed a big shift in my perspective. I handle certain situations now with much more ease and peace. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and think everyone should be practicing mediation, especially once you realize it’s so easy!

Natali ~ Business Coach




Non-Vedic meditators will learn

Effortless Transcendence.

You will be given a sound that will allow the mind to de-excite and move beyond thought.

You will learn about stress and how this technique will help to remove stress

from the body.


Vedic Meditators will learn a practice that cultivates present moment awareness.

This helps us return to a position of power when we are spending too much time ruminating on the past or trying to forecast into the future.

Depending on the length of your practice you may also be eligible to learn an advanced practice to add to VM.



Anchor everything we have learned. 

We will dive into a deeper Q & A about any of the dawnings and lingering questions you may have around the thinking mind and its relationship with your behaviour.

We will explore your relationship with stress and how it is playing into your overall feeling of freedom and empowerment in life.

Understand the sneaky ways the mind tries to protect you and prove itself right - while having adverse affects on your health

and success. 


In just four sessions, Tracy equipped me with the tools I needed to go out on my own and
incorporate meditation into my life; 20 minutes twice a day of calm and deep relaxation.
I feel very fortunate to have met Tracy; her kindness, depth of knowledge and generosity are incredible. It’s been several months since my first meditation session and I now feel grounded.

Issues come and go. I no longer get completely bowled over by every passing stress and worry.

I encourage everybody who has ever thought about learning to meditate and also those of you who have found other forms of meditation too difficult or unhelpful, to take Tracy’s course.

Sally ~ Operations Manager


 1444 NIS (New Israeli Shekel)

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