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Jaclyn, Author

Qi-Touch with Tracy is the most healing gift you can give yourself! And it is perfect for any kind of imbalance you are feeling, whether physical, mental, or emotional. I came to my first session after a very stressful work week, with my systems feeling fully taxed, and I emerged mentally clearer, emotionally stronger, and with lots more energy. Prior to Qi-Touch, I thought I’d experienced the gamut of healing treatments, from breathwork, to reiki, to acupuncture, and lots more. But trust me when I say that Qi-Touch with Tracy is among the most powerful and transformative sessions I’ve ever had. All you need to do is lay back and let her magical hands do their work, accessing points on your body according to Chinese meridians. I felt the stress literally dissolve from my body. Highly, HIGHLY recommend scheduling a treatment with Tracy—perfect for a slight energy tune up when you’ve got the winter blahs, down the spectrum to more serious and systemic issues.

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Zo, Creative Embodiment Facilitator

I didn't know exactly what I was getting into, but I trusted Tracy's wisdom, which led me to a powerful Qi-Touch session. Tracy worked with patience and heart, and held a safe space for me to move deeply through an inner journey. While I can't quite put the experience into words, I can recommend it for anyone seeking to move or transform your energy, who feels ready to deepen and soften with this effective, relaxing, and fascinating technique. Tracy's guidance, throughout this session and beyond, is a fresh and much-needed approach for any human ready to open to new parts of themselves in a gentle and true way. 

Tabea, Customer Support Manager

Tracy was my first experience with meditation. I came there due to scientific research and with a scientific, closed mindset. Tracy accepted me, didn't judge and spoke to me in a way I would accept. And it was transformational. Her Qi-Touch sessions helped unlock great pain and made me cry with relief and then sleep like a baby during the COVID-19 lockdown. I am so grateful to have gotten into meditation thanks to her. And now, I can see beyond the "scientific evidence" for meditation. I feel it, every day.