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Put Your Self In The Center

Yoga at Home
Meditating in Mountains


Quiet Your Mind, Hear Your Truth

Nobody benefits from your stress.

This is a gift for yourself and for those you love.

Get relief from your overthinking mind, gain clarity about your desires, deepen your intuition so you can make decisions more easily, improve your sleep & cultivate a calmer inner world.

You will be instructed in a technique that moves the body into deep rest, dissolves stress and lures the mind into a state of ease.

You will learn mindset tools designed to boost your ability to adapt and show up more effectively for life.

You will no longer be reliant on apps, nor will you find yourself fighting thoughts and uncomfortable sensations in the body.

You'll be surprised by how simple and easy this technique is - with profound results. Not everything worth having is hard!


Create Alignment From Within

What you think impacts how you feel.

What you feel impacts how you behave.

Understanding who you are, what you want and why you want it will pacify that restless, dissatisfaction that keeps calling out to you.

The beautiful thing about being a human, is that we are also gifted with a unique sequence of qualities that make us, us.

In an 8-12 week program tailor made for you, we will remove the obstacles preventing you from feeling peaceful, purposeful & powerful.

Spa and Wellness


Feel Different, Be Different

This is a fast track approach to getting to the root of what's keeping you stuck in a cycle of stress and struggle.

It is a dynamic six day experience, bringing together a collection of experts who have been woven together to produce a comprehensive and holistic upgrade to your life.

Most of the time, the limiting beliefs you think are causing your problems... aren't really the culprits.

Masterclasses take you deep and serve as the ultimate re-alignment to rebuild the foundation from where you function.


Supercharge Your Bliss

Remove yourself from the demands of every day life and give your body and mind the deep restore it needs to deliver you back to your brightest, most vital and balanced self.

In this immersive getaway in the breathtaking nature of Israel, you will dissolve years of accumulated stress in just days.


You will be taught a profound ancient practice that when practiced on a loop over successive days, it’s considered one of the most accelerated ways to see yourself and your life clearly, while giving yourself the chance to feel new and begin again.

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You are the main character in the story of your life.

So what story are you going to tell?


My mission is to help you find alignment inside and outside, to truly value yourself and have full command over your inner world.
I will support you to shift the beliefs that are blocking your power and preventing you from feeling clear, confident and calm.


My interest in the mind + body connection started when I was a teenager and I began looking for ways to heal myself after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression.
Over the years I discovered mindset tools and profound bodywork modalities that transformed my life and led me to a complete recovery.


I used many of these techniques to find success in my professional life in a deadline-driven, high pressure job as TV news anchor in the Middle East.
While in that job, I began to feel that if we want a more peaceful world... we need more peaceful people.

With an academic background in cognitive psychology, certification in Qi-Touch, 12 years as a Vedic Meditation practitioner and 3+ years of study in ancient Vedic wisdom, I left my once dream career and dove even deeper into the waters of meditation and mindset coaching, to help transform the lives of others.

I want you to love yourself and love your life.
This is how we create a better world.


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

James Cash Penney



Straight From The Source


I had thought of meditation as a way to clear one's mind, which I find impossible and frustrating, yet this felt like the opposite: a way to accept your mind completely, with all its activity. You slowly realize that your thoughts aren't "you", and eventually your mind clears on its own, without effort. I've never experienced anything quite like that.

Tracy's way of teaching is special: she combines personal stories, clear explanations and easy to follow guidance: so that no matter who you are or how you feel, you can easily fall right into comfort, peace and a real meditative experience. If you've never experienced or enjoyed meditation before, prepare to be happily surprised!

Dan, CEO & Attorney

I worked with Tracy on developing my meditation skills and she was amazing! Walking out of every session, you feel like a new person. I have had meditation coaches in the past but none that have worked magic the way that Tracy has. She makes you feel safe and confident to truly let go of whatever stresses you may be holding on to and truly embrace the experience. The skills you learn in these sessions are easy to transfer into everyday life. I have continued to practice mediation using Tracy’s techniques ever since. I highly recommend to anybody searching for clarity, to get in touch. She's wonderful.

Sarah, TV Presenter

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 15.09.30.png

Meditation with Tracy completely changed my life! I’ve been practicing Vedic Meditation for 5 years and was seeking a refresher, and am so grateful to have found Tracy’s course. Tracy is such a special, gifted, warm and compassionate teacher. The course is for beginner and advanced meditators alike, and in addition to the nitty gritty how-tos on meditating, Tracy shares moving wisdom and practical mindfulness tools, culminating in a truly transformational experience. I have dabbled in many healing modalities, and meditation with Tracy is one of the most exceptional. Go, walk, run to her course!

Jaclyn, Author


Tracy, with her inner light and wisdom, has given me a life-long gift of being able to tap into my own inner light and wisdom with a simple yet such powerful technique - which is improving my day to day life in all aspects. The journey with Tracy and meditating does not end at the end of her workshop, but only begins, as she continues to provide guidance and support all throughout, with kind and loving reminders that we all have the power within us to make decisions that improve our lives simply by being.

Shani, CEO & Entrepreneur

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 15.18.12.png

I’ve always tried meditation and wondered “am I doing this “right”? Why am I thinking? Is this OK?” I decided to take this course with Tracy since she said it’s the easiest form of meditation! She was right! It’s so simple and easy and totally accessible for anyone! Since learning this form of meditation I’ve practiced every day and within the first few days already noticed a big shift in my perspective. I handle certain situations now with much more ease and peace. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and think everyone should be practicing mediation, especially once you realize it’s so easy!

Natali, Social Media Manager

What is so amazing about Tracy is her ability to integrate so many incredible skills together. She is able to intently listen to the other person while at the same time she talks freely about her own life experience in such an open and inspiring way.The knowledge that she had gathered through her multiple studies and through her various life experiences are combined so perfectly with her inner intuition.What I especially loved during my studies in her class was the way she shared her own technique and self-development together with us. The way she accepts the others mixed with what I said above is what turns her teaching into an enriching experience.Her ability to live a “normal” life instead of living as a nun in a convent, helps her combine the everyday “madness“ into a peaceful daily tranquility, which one so desires.

Rinat, News Anchor