The Alignment System

Reboot Your Body. Update Your Mind.


The Alignment System is about -

Removing the stress from your body that's harming your mood, sleep, energy and focus.


Transforming the fear that's keeping you stuck in self-doubt, negativity and cynicism.

Quieting the mind and connecting you with your truth... so that you can follow your heart and perform at your highest potential.

Putting the power back in your hands to feel calm, confident and capable.

Feeling independent and able to guide yourself forward.

We were not put on this earth to struggle.

It's time to feel truly aligned - body and mind.

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What Is The Alignment System?

The mind can't update its narrative, if the body believes a different story.

Let's align your mind + body with the life you say you want.

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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Meet Tracy

Integrated Alignment Coach

If you consider yourself to be a high-achiever, someone who demands a lot from themselves and wants a lot out of life... well - you and I are kindred spirits.


My first word was 'MORE'. True story.

That attitude only got me so far, though.

When you don't know what's driving you - you'll find yourself constantly second-guessing and judging yourself.

Can you relate?


Are you always seeking deeper meaning and feeling like your life doesn't make sense or lacks purpose?

Pushing yourself too hard, trying to impress others, seeking validation and chasing the next high... ?

Feeling restless, unsatisfied, flakey, empty and powerless?

That can happen when the fire that you feel inside of you needs to be harnessed - the same way that water needs the structure of the river banks to direct its flow.

This is what I will help you with - creating alignment.


When you are living in alignment, you'll experience that "accurate" feeling about life. 

Alignment creates clarity around your actions, trust in your decisions, more energy to do the things you love, connection to your purpose and your ability to self-regulate and manage your thoughts and emotions.

You know you're meant to do something special - and that you're wasting time letting your subconscious patterns and fear control your life.

My mission is to help you feel safe in your body and harness your mind so that you can perform at your best.

I want you to love yourself and love your life.
This is how we create a better world.


Become an Independent Meditator

Wondering whether you should learn to meditate?


+ Are you feeling a little burned out?

+ Do you want to find a way to support your system so you can feel more calm... and have energy to do the things you love?

+ Are you a high-performer with a busy schedule and a busy mind? 

+ Are you wanting to get more out of life - but often feel fatigued and stuck in a loop of overthinking, nervousness, insecurity and overwhelm? 

+ Are you meditating using apps, Youtube videos or even trying to maintain a sustainable practice after a few drop-in classes - but perhaps you're feeling like you've reached a plateau? 

+ Are wanting a deep and EFFECTIVE practice that takes you beyond thought? 

+ Are you seeking some independence with your self-care and verification of whether your meditation practice is working as it should?

This meditation technique is for you!

The Approach

When you are in alignment with the desires of your heart, things have a way of working out.

Iyanla Vanzant


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Learn how to upgrade your life and set yourself up for success.



Using her background as a TV news presenter and Master of Ceremonies at major events with world leaders, thought leaders & game changers, 

Tracy now speaks about mental hygiene, peak performance, stress management and the benefits of a daily meditation practice.


Tracy leads virtual or in-person guided group meditation sessions, relaxation workshops and urban retreats for companies, festivals, conferences & universities.