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From Media to Meditation: how I changed my life from living one dream to another.


As we learn, grow and evolve - we are required to re-align and re-purpose ourselves.​

Look around... or just look inside...​

If we want a happier world - we need happier people.


And that is my mission.


This is how I moved from working as a prime-time news anchor in the Middle East... to becoming a Vedic Meditation Initiator and Alignment Coach.

If there's one thing that a decade working in the news business will teach you - it's that we are not living in alignment with what brings true happiness and lasting peace.

When fear is in the driver's seat - we don't stand a chance.

When love is in the driver's seat - we are powerful beyond belief.

The good news is - true happiness is, in fact, not so far away...


It's simply buried under piles of built up stress and unhelpful mental habits.

Your birthright is to connect with your bliss. Your purpose is to share your joy with the world.

My joy is helping you to take control of your inner world so that you can create your experience of life.

Before becoming a coach, I spent a decades immersing myself in high-performance practices and healing modalities in my personal life.


While these practices helped me professionally, it soon became clear that working in the news, no longer felt like it fit.

Why would we spend so much time talking and talking and talking about the wounds - when there are so many tools we can use to heal and move forward?

I knew I wanted to help shift our awareness towards where we want to be - rather than staring at what's not working. 

If we no longer want to feel scared, angry, stressed and alone - we need to start upgrading our lives on an individual level.

Due to the incredible leaps in personal healing that I'd experienced... I felt I had to share them with the world.

So I dropped the studio lights in favour of our INNER lights... and that's what I'm here to help you turn on.

Want to go deeper?

​If there's another thing you should know, it's that I don't believe we are here on this earth to suffer.

Pain might be inevitable - but suffering is optional - and so much of our suffering can be avoided.

As a Mindset, Meditation and Alignment coach, many clients come to me asking if I can help them get their minds to be quiet.

My question to them is... what is it about your thoughts that make them so unbearable?

Why is your experience of life so chaotic that you want to run away from your own self?

Why aren't you asking me to help you turn off your heart? Or your intestines?

What's going on inside your mind... that makes it's natural function, feel unhelpful?

Story time...

I have been honing my craft since I was 15 years old. 


As a result of unhealed childhood trauma and ignoring my emotional world, I found myself flat on my patootie - burned out, with chronic anxiety and depression at a young age.

This experience, though, ultimately became a catalyst for deep change - and kick-started my interest in the mind+body connection.

I learned that the mind can't change if the body believes a different story - and your experience of the outside world is purely a reflection of your inner world.

These are the principles that inform my Alignment System.


Using many of the techniques I will teach you in the Alignment System, I healed myself from those mental conditions and learned how to both self-regulate, understand and harness my thoughts and emotions.


These tools moved me from being highly-anxious with low self-esteem (but a lot of courage), to overflowing with self-love, compassion and inspiration.

It's time to make the changes you know you need to make and remove whatever blocks are stopping you.

It’s time for you to become your own best friend, to truly value yourself and have full command over your inner world.

I know first hand what it takes to make bold leaps, put yourself out there and break through barriers of self-belief.


Through the Alignment System, I will support you towards feeling confident, connected and calm in your mind and body.

You might feel like you're lost, but it's time to reconnect with your power in a sustainable way.

Together we will abolish your insecurities, eliminate your limiting thought patterns and heal the wounding that's keeping you stuck.

I'm here to support you in your journey from feeling discontented, stuck, tired, stressed and powerless to motivated, effective, hopeful, happy, grateful and thriving.

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